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BARCELONA side table

"Why are we here on earth? To create. It's in our nature."

Karim Rashid

Barcelona Side Table was inspired by Barcelona, which is a city in constant motion that breathes an organic architecture characterized by the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí. After a visit to the Spanish city, it occurred to me the inspiration for a new piece.
The rounded shapes of Barcelona Side Table, inspired by the architecture of Gaudí, represent the continuous motion of this city, an European city that never sleeps and makes us believe anything is possible.
During my stay in Barcelona, besides the organic architecture, the shape of the litter bins and the amount of waste produced around the city also caught my attention.
Nowadays, global warming, pollution and the well-being of the environment are serious concerns of our society. Therefore, the side table aims to minimize the negative impacts on the environment, by raising awareness of the need to reduce the waste produced every day, not only in Barcelona, but also throughout the world. The selection of materials for the Barcelona Side Table – wood, metal and marble – and the minimalism of the design piece mirror the idea of a conscious and responsible use of our resources.
I believe that even the smallest actions can change the world.